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About Us

KnK Kreations' Story


    KNK Kreations is a home based business established in 2017 from a home built CNC router fulfilling custom orders for clients who needed engraving, carving, cutting,  and a number of personalized projects. 


    KNK Kreations continues to fulfill clients custom CNC router needs and has expanded to other areas of custom woodworking. 


    KNK Kreations is dedicated to serving our community with high quality, great customer service, and being innovative, while supplying clients with affordable CNC services and custom woodworking for years to come. Our customers' satisfaction is our only source of satisfaction when it comes to customer service. Each fully custom order is unique and is handled in a careful manner to ensure our highest quality in the end product. 

Excellence and Professionalism

With over 10 years of professional woodworking experience, we are dedicated to the skilled craft and offer excellent quality with regards to customer needs. Customer satisfaction is top on our priority list and issues will be addressed and solved.

Carpenter at Work
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